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Art Photo Contest

The Microscopy Society of Thailand invites all participants of the MST conference to submit your creative talent to scientific work in Art Photo Contest.  All works in wide range of microscopy including light microscope, electron microscope, X-ray microanalysis, scanning probe microscope, atomic force microscope, or other microscopic tools are welcome.

The competition is open to all participants who attend the conference.  The awards will be given for 3 categories: 

 Grand prize winner for best art photo – Optical Microscopy1,000 BHT & certificate
 Grand prize winner for best art photo – Atomic Force Microscopy1,000 BHT & certificate
 Grand prize winner for best art photo – Electron Microscopy1,000 BHT & certificate
 People’s Choice Award 1,000 BHT & certificate
Guideline for Entry
1. All participant of MST conference are eligible.  Submission must be completed by owner of work on the first day of the conference, April 3rd, 2023.

2. All entry must be submitted in a hardcopy on photographic paper or printing paper,
    A4 (210 × 297 mm or 8.3 × 11.7 inches) print. Templates for art photo contest is available.

3. Each submitted photo must contain the following information.
     ·  Title of work/photo
     ·  Description
     ·  Instrument
     ·  Submitted by (name of owner)
     ·  Affiliation

4. Judging criteria are scientific relevance of microscopy, visual impact, quality, and creativity.

5. Judging will be carried out by representatives of MST.  The entry in each category will be judged separately, in accordance with the judging criteria.  The decision made by MST representatives is final. 

Template for Art Photo Contest – Portrait (Download File)
Template for Art Photo Contest – Landscape (Download File)
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